Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hurray! Ollif's Moly comes home after almost 2 years!

Hello dear friends!
Yesterday I received my Moly! That's so great! Almost 2 years have passed since it began its travel. And now I have it with all your original and finely done enties that are funny, bright, amusing and humorous! All the friends take it and are thrilled. THANKS for participating!
I was so excited that having got the package I couldn't wait till I come home and opened it right in the car driving in a traffic jam (yeah yeah... shame on me!)
When I complete my last entry I'll post here the whole book.
Finally My Moly is Back (= Fat and Happy
Dearest Kathrin!
You can't imagine how happy I was! I yelled with elation! That made my day and the whole week! So sweet of you. The bear was received warmly by the polar family! Tons of hugs for you ;-*