Saturday, March 29, 2008

Heidi's Moleskine on it's way to Olya

Hi ladies and Marty,

yesterday I posted Heidi's Moleskine to Olya (you can feel reassured - I made a check list before posting the letter: Enough stamps? Correct address? Airmail sticker? All done, nothing forgotten ;-)

Love, Kathrin

Friday, March 28, 2008

Finished: Jenny's entry in Kathrin's Moleskine

Hi! How are you?!
Here is my entry to Kathrin's Moly, Hope you will love it!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ready: Olya's Entry into Anna-D's Moly

Dear all!
2night I have finished my drawing into Anna's Moly. It turned out 2 be double-layered ((= (check the pictures).
The text is on the top layer.
Hope nothing would peel off when I fold it ^_^
While surfing the Net I found out an interesting thing-The International Unit of Greenpeace is situated in Holland! So it's rather symbolic to have a plant stort story in Anna's artbook)
Hugs (=
(I will send it this weekend, anyway-will inform you via e-mail)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Finished: Kathrin's entry in Heidi's Moleskine

Hi Ladies and Marty,

yesterday I finished my entry in Heidi's Moleskine, topic: "Something you overheard". I couldn't decide between two situations which I noticed, so I drew both. I hope pleadingly that my translation of the overheard sayings is correct.


And this is the complete long moly vehicle:

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Where's my Moly at?

Hello girls and Marty,

First of all: Welcome back Lau!

Secondly, I just wanted to give everyone a small update on the whereabouts of our precious Molies!

Marty's Moly is at Heidi's.
Heidi's Moly is at Kathrin's.
Anna's Moly is at Olya's.
Kathrin's Moly is on its way to Jenny.
Olya's Moly is on its way to Lau.
Jen's Moly is on its way to Lau.
Lau hasn't received her own Moly yet.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and am looking forward to seeing more of the Molies!

Love, Anna D.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This blog is GREAT!

It's pretty and interesting.

Finished: Jenny's entry in Olya's Moleskine

Hello again!!! So I did it! My Illustration in Olya's Moly is done.
I will send mine and Olya's Moly to Lau tomorrow!

Have a good time friends!

p.s this cute envelope I receive from Olya!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Anna's Moly came from Kathrin to Russia!

Another lovely news! I received today Anna's Moleskine!
Kathrin, it took only a week(=
Well.. I adore the feeling of opening the mail-box, taking the envelope, carring it home and looking inside! Waaaa!!! (=
Imagine! By the time Lau comes from her holiday she would have almost all our Moleskines!
Hugs, Olya

Jenny received Olya's Moleskine!

Hey!!! Do you know what happened?

Yes! I received Olya's Moly today!!!

What a great package! Isn't it?

I Am so Happy!!! la la la

I will soon draw inside! :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Finished: Anna Denise's entry in Heidi's Moleskine

Today I finished my entry in Heidi's Moleskine!

In preparation for my entry in Heidi's Moleskine, I left my iPod at home for a week and paid good attention to what other people were saying. After about a week I witnessed this scene.

A boy and a girl (I think they must have been about 16yrs old) sitting in the train holding hands. They didn't speak much until the girl looked out the window and said very thoughtfully:
"You know, it's like I live in two worlds.
[Long pauze]
There's one world is which I love you...
[long pauze]
...and there's like...another world in which I just really...hate you."

It was kind of funny because it didn't seem like she was trying to be mean, but the boy looked pretty upset.
Soon after we reached the train's final destination.

Thank you Heidi, for this fun exercise. This is what your Moleskine looks like now.

I will send it onto Kathrin some time this week.
Love, Anna

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Olya's Entry into Kathrin's Moly is ready (=

Hi dear all!
Yesterday I have finished my piece in Kathrin's Moleskine. I added eveything Kath asked except for the mail sticker! (Usually in Russia these are not stickers but a simple seal that is put on the envelope or is already there).
I described several activities I like to do being at my native town-Krasnogorsk. As the page limit is too short-only one sport activity I am going in for is mentioned. But a very actual one-because spring is coming and many people are looking forward to cycling (=
I will send the Moly to Jenny this Tuesday (Monday is a day-off this week due to the holiday).
Have a nice time.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Look what I got in the mail...

...Heidi's journal!

The journal is amazing! Heidi's work looks even better 'in the flesh' than on the scan (which I was quite impressed with already)! I'm a little hesitant to start, but last week I overheard something that would fit this journal perfectly, so I'll work on it some time this week!

And...there's a great little surprise in the package for all of us! Thank you Heidi!

Love, Anna

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

How to post a letter for Moleskine exchange...

On Monday I posted Anna Denises Moleskine to Olya. By itself no problem.

But you don't know how pudding-headed I can be. I bought some stamps, I knew that the postage to Russia amounts 4,50 Euro. So I bought one stamp for 3,90 Euros and one for 50 Cent, put both onto the letter and posted it. On my way home something seemed to be strange, and the scales fell from my eyes: 3,90 + 0,50 = 4,40! Damn! I went back to the post office and asked if they could open the letter box, but they couldn't. Nobody had the key. So I drove again at 2 p.m. when the letter box should be emptied. The postwomen came a little bit too late, I got nervous because of the traffic wardens (didn't have enough loose cash)... told her my problem, at first she didn't want to help me because she was in a hurry, but at least she emptied the letter box in a way that I could see all the letters... and I could fish it out and put the missing 10 Cent Stamp onto the letter and posted it again.
What I want to tell you: Olya, I posted your next letter. And don't you dare to laugh about me! ;-)))
Love, Kathrin


Hi dear all! Great news!

Finally, the Moly from Germany reached my place!!! I do not need to spend sleepless nights near the mailbox! (=
KATHRIN, tell me, how, HOW did you know that I totally adore black gel pens??? KATH!! Thanks! Cute couple you draw me! The landscape is also adorable!

Well...I have started to generate my entry into your beauty. ((=


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Olya's First Entry

Hi everyone!
I am finally back from my holidays and, as I promised, rushed to finish my first entry (=.

The main topic for my Moly is TRAVELLING that could include any countries/cities/just small places you have visited and was impressed by/ disappointed with. Put anything connected with travelling-travel tips, advice, tickets as proof of being to those places, stories, funny incidents, etc.
There are also 2 other themes:
1. Your fave artists or art styles that had influence on you.
2. Your obsessions with anything.

This very piece I dedicated to lovely Vienna which I visited last summer and fell in love (= By chance, one of the artists I fancy are from Vienna-Klimt and Hundertwasser. What's more-here is a slight hint to my obsession with houses ((=

Anyway-please, do fell free to create anything you would have inspiration for!

Note-do not forget to sign your piece backwards and write shortly what materials you used.
I will e-mail when the Moly is sent to Jenny (on Mon or Tue).

PS sorry for a bad pic quality-I was in a hurry ^_^

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Finished: Kathrins entry for Anna Denise's Moleskine

Hi Ladies and Marty,

today I finished my work for Anna Denise's Moleskine. Like I already showed as a sketch on flickr my idea was to draw a picture of the germans - a beer drinking, overweighted and bean counting nation? ;-)
Hey Olya, tomorrow you'll be back from holidays and I hope you received the letter with the Moleskine. The next days I will also send Anna Denise's Moleskine to you!

Have fun!

In the mail...

... Anna Denise's 'Story' Moleskine arrived at Kathrin's house!
... Kathrin's 'Paperchase' Moleskine is on it's way to Olya.
... Jenny's 'Carnival' Moleskine will be on it's way to Lau soon.
... Marty's 'People in your Neighborhood' Moleskine is on it's way to Heidi.
... Heidi's 'Overheard' Moleskine is on it's way to Anna Denise.

... Lau is on her holiday until the 25th of March and will hopefully receive her Moleskine and Jenny's Moleskine when she gets back. Once she finishes working on them - they will be sent to Marty.
.... Olya will finish her Moleskine next week and then send it on it's way to Jenny.