Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hurray! Ollif's Moly comes home after almost 2 years!

Hello dear friends!
Yesterday I received my Moly! That's so great! Almost 2 years have passed since it began its travel. And now I have it with all your original and finely done enties that are funny, bright, amusing and humorous! All the friends take it and are thrilled. THANKS for participating!
I was so excited that having got the package I couldn't wait till I come home and opened it right in the car driving in a traffic jam (yeah yeah... shame on me!)
When I complete my last entry I'll post here the whole book.
Finally My Moly is Back (= Fat and Happy
Dearest Kathrin!
You can't imagine how happy I was! I yelled with elation! That made my day and the whole week! So sweet of you. The bear was received warmly by the polar family! Tons of hugs for you ;-*


Kathrin said...

Hey Olya, I'm so happy that you received the letter and the polar bear ;-) (it has been on the move a very long time, it must be hungry...)

Love, Kathrin

Marty Harris said...

Wow!! Two years and it finally found its home. I'm so proud and so happy for you. It really really nice. I can hardly wait to see all of the others completed.

Congratulations everyone, especially you Olya.

Ollif said...

Thank you dear!
That's such an amazing state and feeling) all the drawing are so finely done in flesh!
My book is lucky not to be lost anywhere and come safe! With an animal inside)))
Hope to see the other books finished, I love the group!

Hear from you soon!

PS the polar bear is being fed loads of tasty meat))

Heidi said...

Hey guys!

Great to see that another one has landed!

Any idea where my journal is?
Would love to be reunited! Kinda giving up hope of ever seeing it again :(