Tuesday, June 10, 2008

WooooHooo! Marty's Moly is Finally in Russia!

I rushed to add some new details to the previous update! I received Marty's Moly today!I even screamed seeing it in my mailbox!

Kathrin, thank you soooooooooooooooo much for the bears on the envelope! I recognized Knut at first sight, can you believe that (Oh, God, totally crazy 'bout them)?

Oh.. I am scared to start.... the drawings are so graphically great!
Hope to get inspired soon.
See ya soon


Kathrin said...

Hi Olya, seems as if your postofficer accustom to your every-month-Moly-letter. That was really fast!
I was rather sure that you would love the stamp... it's a special edition stamp - when you buy one you donate money for the conservation of the environment (and of course for protecting the polar bears. ;-)
I'm soooo in suspense what you will draw!

Ollif said...

Hi Kath and all (=
That was really fast indeed that made me glad! As per the stamp it took only 10 days!!
Flocke and Knut are cutties))) I wish I saw them in life.

I keep on thinking about my neighbours, waaa.

Folks, look! Whose Moly would be the first to pass the whole circle? Marty's? (=

Kathrin said...

At the moment Heidi's and Marty's Moly are ahead by a nose. In my chart they have 4 crosses, that means that they reached both the 4th participiant. They are followed up by Anna Denises's. We'll see who makes the race around the world ;-)