Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Where are the Moly's?

Hi folks,
here comes the actual update.

Heidi's 'Overheard' Moleskine is at Jenny
Anna Denise's 'Story' Moleskine is on it's way to Lau
Jenny's 'Carnival' Moleskine is on it's way to Marty
Olya's 'Travelling' Moly is at Lau
Kathrin's 'Paperchase' Moleskine is at Lau
Lau's Moly is at Heidi
Marty's 'People in your Neighborhood' Moleskine is on it's way to Olya



NiƱo Gusano said...

Que bonito... 8)

Ollif said...

Kathrin-the drawing is cool! I liked the table with the accutal location of Molies in the left corner))) Well-done!
I a, looking forward to Marty's Moly to come