Saturday, July 5, 2008

...and quickly finished!

Marty's Moly is now ready to be sent to Jenny!
Here is what is written on the back page of the picture-short description of the situation over my nearest neighbours))

That's turned to be fun-the neighbour who lives next door to me hates dogs but in the picture-Kathrin's dog is located in his room)))) HAHA)
Will post the Moly on Monday.
Jenny, wait for it)


Kathrin said...

WOW; you are really fast! And I love your neighbor-drawings and the joke with the dog. ;-)

Marty Harris said...

This book is so funny. Thanks Olya. Thanks all.

lau said...

jaja.., it's so great..!

Ollif said...

It's nice that youl liked it! (=