Friday, July 4, 2008

Exciting Day!

Hello folks!

SO... you haven't heard much from me lately but here I am with exciting news.
First of all, the moly from Marty-land arrived today. EXCITING!!!
Have to say, the contents are amazing! Talk about pressure to perform!

Second thing is that FINALLY i've completed my entry in Lau's moly.. it didn't go exactly as hoped (doesnt fit in so well with the previous entries) and i 'accidently' managed to get my favourite subject of overheard convo's in there at the same time as seasons.... ;)
The convo's are from Glade Festival in July last year where we experienced floods and torrential rain (lots of mud, and cars being towed out by tractors etc)... during the worst rains i sat in my tent eavesdropping and making notes, like a good little reporter!

I'll post that to Anna D on Monday.

Hope you're all doing fantastically well :)


Kathrin said...

Hey Heidi, what a very nice picture of you! And I LOVE your drawing! Yeah, our project is going on!

Ollif said...

Waaa! Heidi-your photo is so alive and cute))) FUNNY!
Nice entry also)

Anna Denise said...

Oooh wow! I LOOOOVE your drawing!!!! Nice work!!! Can't wait to see it! Oh and you look adorable - did you lighten your hair?

Marty Harris said...

You are brilliant and so danged kyoot. You are an inspiration.

lau said...

I just LOVE it!!