Saturday, March 14, 2009

Twinkle twinkle little star..

... how I wonder where you are.

Where are our Molies? Is this correct everyone:

Heidi has Kathrin's, Olya's, and Anna's Molies.
Olya has Jenny's Moly.
Lau has Lau's, Heidi's and Marty's Moly.
Jenny has Lau's Moly.

Let me know!
Love, AnnaD


behappynow said...

I sent Lau's Moly to Lau about month ago :)

Ollif said...

Hi dear all!
I'm working on Jenny's Moly(=

Anonymous said...

yes that's correct.
sorry i've been so s l o w (redecorating house & working), i'll try and post at least one this week! :)

Kathrin said...

And I'm waiting... and waiting... ;-) Nice to hear from you!