Sunday, April 19, 2009

Am I finishing up my Moly?

Sooo... I am a little confused. I received my own moly from Heidi (yay!), but there's four more pages left.

Am I supposed to fill these myself? Is that how we thought it out in the beginning? I forgot....


Ollif said...

Hello dear!
I have the same issue with Jenny's Moly I'm working on now-cause she will have 3-4 pages left to finish herself..or to let someone do that?!
Let's decide how to proceed.

Anna-D, have you changed the address because of moving?

Anna Denise said...

Well, I will finish them myself then :-)

And yes, I will move May 9th, I will send you an email with my new address this week. But don't worry, my dad will still live at my old address, so no mail will get lost.

Kathrin said...

Good to hear that there are some moly's travelling. Anybody here who has an overview where all the moly's are?