Sunday, May 24, 2009

Completed: Anna Denise's Moly!

I finished my own Moly today!

Well over a year ago I started this group (group 4) with a story about my home town, Utrecht [see here]. I finished it today with a story about my new home town, Brussels.

Thank you Kathrin, Olya, Jenny, Lau, Marty, and Heidi for working with me on this very special exchange. I will cherish this book of stories.


Kathrin said...

Congrats! The first moly from our group has been finished, and the result is really brilliant. Happy End for your Moleskine, Anna Denise - hooray! Isn't it a reason to celebrate?

Marty Harris said...

Brava! Looks pretty amazing. I should have a .mac site. You could scan it all and put it up on the site. Perhaps you could scan it all and put it on cd? Hmmmmm?

Marty Harris said...

Not very many books complete, yet. We should have quite a number of them completed during the next two months.