Tuesday, July 7, 2009

AnnaDenise's entry in Olya's Moly

Hello all!

I finished my entry in Olya's 'travel' moly. I described the interrail journey across Europe I made w/ my boyfriend a couple yrs back. Hope you like it Olya. Will send this on to Kathrin asap!

Love, Anna


Ollif said...

Sweet Anna-D! That's adorable! Especially if one takes into account the fact that I visited the half of those countries descrided!! WAAAAAAA! Cool(= So detailed-I love it!
Thank you)
That means-only one entry is left (Kathrin's)and I receive my Moly) Yay!

Kathrin said...

This is really great, and I cannot wait to see this live. When will you post it?