Saturday, April 26, 2008

Finished (?): Anna's entry in Marty's Moly!

My entry in Marty's 'People in your Neighborhood' Moleskine. Since I don't really know my neighbors (and to be honest, I'd like to keep it that way) I wrote the things that I do know on a map of my small 'block' of houses. Not sure if I'll keep it like this, might just be the 1st version. I think I'd like to add some shading perhaps.

I felt a little strange about adding color, since neither Marty or Heidi used any color, but I added some tiny green details to Marty and Heidi's drawings (hope you don't mind...) to make it look more coherent.

Well, still working on it probably, but just wanted to show you what's going on!

UPDATE: I added the shading and I think I'm done. Will send it out to Kathrin sometime next week. See the picture below for Marty's entire Moly!


greenfemale said...

Love LOve LOVe

Kathrin said...

This is so great! Like I already mentioned at flickr I begin to become nervous... I don't have any idea what I could draw. Have to rack my brain as of now.
By the way, when I read that you added some green in Marty's and Heidi's drawing I have to admit that I thought at first that this is rather audacious. (I hope this is the correct word - didn't know it in english and looked it up in a dictionary.) But it looks really great, the complete work did win with the green, I think. Well done!

Anna Denise said...

@ Kathrin: Haha I know, I just 'did' it and then thought: Oh my, what if they don't like the green? But I was hoping Marty would appreciate it, since he likes to 'interact' with other people's works himself (seen in other Moly groups). So... yes, I took a risk. I'm glad you like it!

lau said...

great use of the green..!!

Marty Harris said...

Thank you so much for your fabulous entry. This is very funny and interesting. I love to get clues about how people live. I'm inspired to share some my neighborhood stories.

You got it right AD, the more interaction, the better. the green is a good start. Thanks, again, so much.

Ollif said...

Anna-that looks great! I want to see it in real((=
And I also start being nervous how to continue such a drawing(=