Friday, May 2, 2008

Flickr Re-Visioned

The raccoon posed for this illustration in the fashon of an earlier illustration I did for moly_x_1. Lau said that the only rule is to have fun. SO.....I had fun. Messy, but that's the raccoon spirit.

I went with a northern hemisphere spring thing to follow Lau's southern hemisphere autumn theme.


lau said...

wow, thank you marty.., it's beautiful..!!

May 2, 2008 8:28

Anna Denise said...

Wow! I love it - it's like a luxurious fabric or a bouquet!

Kathrin said...

I agree to Lau's and Anne Denise's WOW! Marty, this is so vibrant and cheerful, and there are so many lovely details to detect in your drawing. I LOVE this!

Ollif said...

So many details! Marty, that's totally AWESOME!!!
(Frankly speaking I didn't expect you to draw in colour) LOVE it much!!!!!!

Marty Harris said...

Frankly speaking, Olya, It is a b&w drawing (on a colored background). % groups, I must find ways to elaborate quickly and cheaply.

Thank you all so much. This book is well on its way to Heidi. I am looking forward to more mail from Lau. No pressure.

Heidi said...

Wonderful work Marty, this is damn well gorgeous! Excited to see it in my real life *waits eagerly by letterbox* :D