Friday, May 30, 2008

Kathrin's entry into Marty's Moly

Sorry for the delay. With every day I didn' start drawing my bad conscience grew and grew and grew. Today I couldn't stand it any longer and I just did it. Hope that nobody from my neighbors will find this here. My drawings has no likeness with my real neighbors.


Ollif said...

WoooHooo, great green Moly will come to me soon!
OMG!!!!!!! Have no idea how NOT to spoil it ^_^
Have to invent smth amd take a quick course how to draw people looking people)

Kathrin said...

Hey Olya,
I'm so sure you won't spoil it. But I had the same fear. People and all in green... brrrrr. Don't make the same mistake like me and worry too long about it. ;-)
Love, Kathrin

Marty Harris said...

Kathrin, Thank you so much for your entry. Strange as it may seem, being introduced to your neighbors makes you that much more real. Nice variety of folks in your building. It'll be fun to get the book back and introduce you to a couple of my neighbors.