Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jenzbook: Work in progress.

A little preview to assure you all that I am still alive.


Kathrin said...

That looks promising! And very nice to hear that you're still alive! ;-)

Ollif said...

Marty, that's great that the project is as alive as you)))
The piece looks intriguing(=
I still think how to describe my neighbour....)

Marty Harris said...

Thanks, Kathrin. Thanks, Olya. About your neighbor(s), just be honest. I'm sure there are plenty of good stories there.

I can hardly wait to see my book again.

Ollif said...

If I am totally honest describing my neighbour next door-if he finds this piece somehow he will kill me))))) a very mean guy. Really!!
He always shouts when I dare to put my bike for a coulpe of hours in the shared hall....Brrrr!

lau said...

wow marty.., I'm trying to imagine who is who in your sketch..
I love to see when your hand is free.. :)

Anna Denise said...

Looks very promising!

Heidi, are you still alive? How was Finland?