Monday, August 4, 2008

I received 2 moly's on one day!!!!

Hello! How are you?
so, I received Marty's Moly and Heidi's Moly and some lovely surprises!!! Yay!!!!


Ollif said...

OGM!!! It took ages! I don't like it damn damn!!!!!!
Heidi's Moly was sent more than one month ago! Terrible post-office. Sorry, guys =(

But at least the Molies weren't lost! I was worrying much!!
Did the cat like them?
You have much art work now, Jenny)))))
Kisses to all (=

lau said...


greenfemale said...


my cat loooooove them a lot!!!!!
and I have a looooooot of work!

. .

Heidi said...

aww look, the kitty is admiring everyones work in my Moly!! :D

Marty Harris said...

Look, we're in Israel. One day I will go. My whole family has been there, except me.

greenfemale said...

ok Marty!!! I am waiting to you here in Israel!!!!!