Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jenny's entry in Marty's Moly

Hi! Finally I did my illustration to Marty's Moly!
The subject was neighbor, so here is what I done, hope it is ok!!!

all the best


Heidi said...

This rocks!
I love the little TV watching character the best! Wonderful!
Looks like we've both been busy Moly X'ing this weekend :D

greenfemale said...

thanks Heidi!
it looks like we had upload our Moly's on the same time to Flockr and here! :)

Anna Denise said...

Very very cute!!!!!!! :-)

Ollif said...

I was also busy with Moly X this weekend (for portrait party (=)-nice crop we've got!
I'm always so happy to see new posts in our blog.
Jenny, nice neighbours you've got. Wanna move into those lovely houses))))

Marty Harris said...

I kinda like the one on the end with his bum over the hole. Thanks so much. I'm loving my book. Good, wholesome fun.