Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Heidi's first entry (Hello!)

Hello folks!

So... at last, after poking and staring at it for some time, I dared to splash out in my journal!

I won't show you the inside-cover page, but just to let you know that it explains my proposed journal theme 'overheard conversations', this includes any kind of found dialogue (written on walls, found notes, etc), what you heard at the bus stop, on the tv, the voices inside your head, anything you can relate to that kind of theme would be great!
So start paying attention to the old lady mumbling to herself at the supermarket cheese counter, and the scribbled graffiti on the edge of the cafe table...

I really look forward to seeing everyones interpretations!

Hoping to post this tomorrow, it should take about a week from UK to reach Anna Denise :D

Best wishes,



Anna Denise said...

Hooray! I'm so exited! These pages are wonderful!
Another great, unique theme!!!

Kathrin said...

Hey, I'm also exited. Great work, and I love love love your theme. I'm always collecting dialogues, and I have to grub them out of my had ...

Moleskine Exchange said...

I've gotta think about this one. Fabulous theme. I look forward to getting this book.

Ollif said...

What a nice theme-I love to listen to people talking nearby!