Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kathrin's Moleskine started its journey to Russia.

20.2.2008 Today I posted the letter with the Moleskine for Olya. Accidentally the postman came at the same moment to clear the letter-box, so I asked him if he could make a photo as proof. He was a nice and humorous postman and he took the picture.
He assumed that the letter will take one week from Germany to Russia.
Hey, Olya! That won't be enough time for more than 2 or 3 grey hairs. ;-)

Cheers !


Ollif said...

Waaa!!! That's the best news of the day!! So when I am bach from my holiday-the Moly will be at my mailbox!!!!((=
The idea with the photo is funny and sweet!How cute you are!! ((=

Anna Denise said...

YAY!!! I love this photo of you - so funny that the postman just came by! Next time I'll ask the woman at the post-office to do the same :-)

lau said...

ja.., a really good moment..!!
The seller told me that I have to wait 3 or 4 weeks for my unfilled moleskine.., aahhggg..!!
I need patience :P

Kathrin said...

Hey Lau, that's really hard. But please tell me - where does the seller buy his Moleskines - on the moon? Can't believe that the shipping from any place in the world can take such a long time.
But try to think positive - perhaps you will receive Jennys Moleskine before you get your own one, so you won't have a Moleskine Jam ;-)

lau said...

ja! thanks kathrin..! yes! this is to see the half full glass..! :)

I'm used to looong shippings.., I think, in some way, for the postal service, argentina is the end of the world..

Or maybe my moleskine will be delivered by santa claus in person.., you never know..

Heidi said...


that's an excited moleskine-posting face if i ever saw it! and what a lovely postman to take the picture :D

benconservato said...

Cool! I want in, I have only ever exchanged Moleskines with a really good friend of mine. I treasure it!

Anna Denise said...

Hey Benconservato!

This group has already started, but they're setting up some new groups over at the flickr-pool:

Make sure you let Marty Harris know you're interested and perhaps start up your own group, or join a new one! Would love to see this initiative grow and grow!

Take care!