Friday, February 15, 2008

The order

The blog is up and running and Jenny made some wonderful art and a map with the mailing order!

You can view the map by clicking on the thumb in the sidebar! In short:

Heidi will send to Anna
Anna will send to Kathrin
Kathrin will send to Olya
Olya will send to Jenny
Jenny will send to Lau
Lau will send to Marty
Marty will send to Heidi


Kathrin said...

Thank you Jenny for the wonderful map with the mailing order.
And thank you Anna Denise for creating this project! Can't wait until I get my Japanese Moleskine, ordered it online.

Ollif said...

Good afternoon dear all!!
Thanks for organising! (= Jenny-the map is gorgeous!That's the way the world now looks for me)))

I am starting my JMoleskine these days 'cause I've got it arleady. The head is full of ideas!