Monday, February 18, 2008

Kathrin's Moleskine: 'Paperchase'

Hi everybody,

yesterday I finished my first entry... I started with my hometown Kiel, because the moleskine's journey is starting here.


This moleskines theme is

But don't panic, you are free in the choice of your theme. But please imply three components in your work:
  1. A stamp from your country
  2. A snippet from a newspaper or a magazine from your country
  3. An airmail sticker from your country
I hope this is ok for all... And it would be great if you would insert a portrait of you. This can be a little photo or a drawn selfportrait. You don't have to, it's optional.

I will send the moleskine to Olya the next days.

Happy exchange!


Anna Denise said...

Great theme, great pages! I can't see why you were anxious - you're brilliant!

Ollif said...

I've already started waiting for you Moly to see all the beauty and photo ^_^ in reality!
I fancy your ideas!....well...but what did you mean by "airmail stickers"?

Kathrin said...

Thank you, Anna Denise. When I started to draw I became little bit more courageous. ;-)

Hi Olya, please don't wait too intensive... this is the reason why people get grey hair! ;-)

An airmail sticker is the little blue badge with the inscription "Airmail" (in my case "Luftpost", because it's german - in my entry you find it in the corner top left). Of course I don't know if you have those stickers in Russia. In Europe you can get them at the post office for free.


Kathrin said...

I found this translation for "airmail" in an online-dictionary:
And this for sticker:
I hope it was a serious site and the translations are correct.

Ollif said...

Ladies! Thanks!!!!!
Kathrin you made my burst with laughter with that translation! No no! It's correct-the dictionary is really serious ((= you can trust it. In Russia we have seals-"par avion" (= no stickers.