Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Marty's Moleskine: 'People in Your Neighborhood'

Hello, folks.

"People in Your Neighborhood" is the theme of my book. It's well on its way to Heidi's neighborhood.




Kathrin said...

Hey Marty,

a great drawing and a great theme!
Puh - I'm so glad that I am not the first one after you who has to do a drawing into the book. It's a great idea to integrate the next one's entry into yours, but I would have great respect to draw into your drawing...


Anna Denise said...

Nice theme and great drawing!!!

I'll have to start talking to my neighbors, though! I don't really know any of them...yet! I suppose this exchange will create more than just art for me, hehe!

Heidi said...


This is wonderful, and I am timid about entering your personal drawing space! :O

Ollif said...

Wow! I love your people, Marty! Coooool(=

Marty Harris said...

Please have fun with the book. Do not be nervous.

I have this technique of using thinner moleskine paper from a different style book, and covering up bits of bad drawing, then continuing to draw. I use 3M Super 77 spray adhesive. Works like a charm.

Look out.

Seriously, thank you for the kind support. Have at it!