Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Where's my Moly at?

Hello girls and Marty,

First of all: Welcome back Lau!

Secondly, I just wanted to give everyone a small update on the whereabouts of our precious Molies!

Marty's Moly is at Heidi's.
Heidi's Moly is at Kathrin's.
Anna's Moly is at Olya's.
Kathrin's Moly is on its way to Jenny.
Olya's Moly is on its way to Lau.
Jen's Moly is on its way to Lau.
Lau hasn't received her own Moly yet.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and am looking forward to seeing more of the Molies!

Love, Anna D.


Ollif said...

HI dear all!
For me everything is correct! I am trying to finish my entry into Anna's Moly this week((=

Marty Harris said...


You don't have to wait for your moly before you work the other books. If they get out of order they will still get done. I like to think of this as a project with an indefinite timeline. The books will all get filled.

Maybe we'll all decide to go on together and do a second round of books. We may find that by the end of the first book that we are just beginning to learn about each other and how to interact in these books. Therefore, the order of the books and the time become a little less important.

I would offer to send a book to you, Lau, but It will probably take the same amount of time to get from amazon, or moleskine.com.

I may start introducing moly_x to moleskine vendors to get there thoughts on this issue of availability.

Let me know if I can help things along in any way.


Blah, blah, blah. You should see what I edited out of this short story.

greenfemale said...

Hi!!! I receive Kathrins Moly Yerstady!!!

Kathrin said...

Yippieh! I'm all agog with curiosity what you will do with it!