Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jenny received Olya's Moleskine!

Hey!!! Do you know what happened?

Yes! I received Olya's Moly today!!!

What a great package! Isn't it?

I Am so Happy!!! la la la

I will soon draw inside! :)


Ollif said...

Waaaa!!!!!! Great news! It took only 8 days! Hurray!
Jenny-tell the people that there was also an envelope or they would think I have packed the priceless Moly in the paper only ^_^

Anna Denise said...

What a lovely package!!!

Kathrin said...

Hooray! So it was worth to wait 1 and a half hour at the post office. What a classic package with brown paper and package tape. Love this and ceratinly it was nice for Jenny to unpack the two layers of packaging. That boosts the excitement. ;-)

Ollif said...

Today I posted another Moly for Jenny! A new record! I spent only one hour at the post-office ((=
There are also a lot of old ladies, damn! they seem to choose lunch time on purpose(

greenfemale said...

cool! I will wait to next Moly! yaaaa waaaaaa uuuuuuuu