Saturday, March 1, 2008

Finished: Kathrins entry for Anna Denise's Moleskine

Hi Ladies and Marty,

today I finished my work for Anna Denise's Moleskine. Like I already showed as a sketch on flickr my idea was to draw a picture of the germans - a beer drinking, overweighted and bean counting nation? ;-)
Hey Olya, tomorrow you'll be back from holidays and I hope you received the letter with the Moleskine. The next days I will also send Anna Denise's Moleskine to you!

Have fun!


Anna Denise said...

Waaaaah!I LOVE it!!!
Thank you so much Kathrin!!! :-) This is great!

Vlad said...
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greenfemale said...

you are so fast!!! Great Job!

Ollif said...

HAHA! Very critical and funny!
Kathrin-that's lovely!