Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ready: Olya's Entry into Anna-D's Moly

Dear all!
2night I have finished my drawing into Anna's Moly. It turned out 2 be double-layered ((= (check the pictures).
The text is on the top layer.
Hope nothing would peel off when I fold it ^_^
While surfing the Net I found out an interesting thing-The International Unit of Greenpeace is situated in Holland! So it's rather symbolic to have a plant stort story in Anna's artbook)
Hugs (=
(I will send it this weekend, anyway-will inform you via e-mail)


Anna Denise said...

I love it, Olya!!! Thank you!!! The layering is a fantastic idea!!!

And... I'm a member of the Dutch green party, so it's perfect!!!

Kathrin said...

Looks very interesting with the double layering! Cool idea!

szaza said...

I love the layers and the cutouts!
Very cool!