Friday, March 7, 2008

Look what I got in the mail...

...Heidi's journal!

The journal is amazing! Heidi's work looks even better 'in the flesh' than on the scan (which I was quite impressed with already)! I'm a little hesitant to start, but last week I overheard something that would fit this journal perfectly, so I'll work on it some time this week!

And...there's a great little surprise in the package for all of us! Thank you Heidi!

Love, Anna


Marty Harris said...

This sure is fun when it works. It is such a great fealing when a book finally comes. Excellent. Have fun.

Heidi said...

This is so exciting, I'm going to POP! I'll try not to pop near Marty's journal though, which is tucked away safe - I assure you!

I'm so glad my package reached you in one piece. Can't wait to find out what you overheard!

I have 3 deadlines next week so once they are out of the way I'll get stuck into the journal in my possession :)

Kathrin said...

Hey, great shot - your're looking so happy, no surprise. Isn't it cool to receive such a nice letter?
A surprise for all? Oh please, tell me more... or do we have to wait until christmas? ;-)

Ollif said...

Ann, you look soooooo glad indeed! Such a pleasure to receive a Moly!
Looking forward to finding out what's where inside! (=
I have already started my entry into Kathrin's Moly-her own pic is MUCH MUCH MUCH More GREATER in life than in the picture ^_^
Cheers all