Monday, March 10, 2008

Finished: Anna Denise's entry in Heidi's Moleskine

Today I finished my entry in Heidi's Moleskine!

In preparation for my entry in Heidi's Moleskine, I left my iPod at home for a week and paid good attention to what other people were saying. After about a week I witnessed this scene.

A boy and a girl (I think they must have been about 16yrs old) sitting in the train holding hands. They didn't speak much until the girl looked out the window and said very thoughtfully:
"You know, it's like I live in two worlds.
[Long pauze]
There's one world is which I love you...
[long pauze]
...and there's like...another world in which I just really...hate you."

It was kind of funny because it didn't seem like she was trying to be mean, but the boy looked pretty upset.
Soon after we reached the train's final destination.

Thank you Heidi, for this fun exercise. This is what your Moleskine looks like now.

I will send it onto Kathrin some time this week.
Love, Anna


greenfemale said...


Kathrin said...

Funny story, but the poor boy! What shall he do with this information... no wonder that he's all confused. Looking forward to receive this beautiful Moly.

Ollif said...

Nice! I have a lot of stories because I take a local train to my work usually...I do really love this theme, Heidi))

Katie said...

This looks like so much fun! I wish I could draw! =^.^=

Heidi said...

Anna-D, I thought I already commented on this but must have a.) imagined it or b.) not pressed the right button.
This looks fantastic! I know how that girl feels.. hahaha but she didn't need to SAY it to him, she needs a lesson in tact! Well done for picking that snippet up. I love the feeling i get when overhearing something juicy.. and smile to myself imagining all the ways to use the new information! Next time you chat to your friends in a pub toilet, just think there could be someone like me sitting in the next cubicle writing what you say... mwahahaha... paranoia! :D

Anna Denise said...

@ Heidi: I've actually been sent out of the girl's bathrooms in a restaurant once. Two girls were apparently having a private conversation and they actually asked me to leave! I didn't of course, but it was the strangest thing... but now I think perhaps they were afraid I was going to write it all down!!!

Thereza Rowe said...

excellent work girls!!!!! i'm enjoying this blog sooo much! ;)))