Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Anna's Moly came from Kathrin to Russia!

Another lovely news! I received today Anna's Moleskine!
Kathrin, it took only a week(=
Well.. I adore the feeling of opening the mail-box, taking the envelope, carring it home and looking inside! Waaaa!!! (=
Imagine! By the time Lau comes from her holiday she would have almost all our Moleskines!
Hugs, Olya


Anna Denise said...

Hooray! This exchange is really going quite nicely!!!

Kathrin said...

Hooray! And the 2nd one was much faster than the first one. Perhaps of the action with the missing 10-cent-stamp. ;-)

Ollif said...

Definitely! That last stamp was a magic one ((=
Ann, tell me, do you want me to include that very ornament you asked this time? (=

PS Kathrin, you write my surname on the envelope with one non-needed letter ((=

Kathrin said...

Uuups? Sorry! The cyrillic letters or the latin letters? Please, tell me the correct notation! For the next letter I want to put on your correct name, correct address, airmail sticker AND enough stamps. ;-)

Ollif said...

Do not worry much(= The letter "r" in the latin spelling of the surname is not necessary (=

Calculate the stamps beforehand at least TWICE((=

Marty Harris said...

There was a month long log jam in moly_x_2. Finally, one of the artists found time to fit into her life. Keep your eye open for images from moly_x_2. Also, moly_x_1 is finally sending books. Keep an eye out for their entries, as well.

Can't wait to see these books after the first and second times around the world.

Anna Denise said...

@ Olya: Yes, yes, yes! I wants the gold! Gives me the gold! I love the whole Klimt-style. But if you don't feel it fits the theme, don't worry about it... it should be fun for you too!