Sunday, March 9, 2008

Olya's Entry into Kathrin's Moly is ready (=

Hi dear all!
Yesterday I have finished my piece in Kathrin's Moleskine. I added eveything Kath asked except for the mail sticker! (Usually in Russia these are not stickers but a simple seal that is put on the envelope or is already there).
I described several activities I like to do being at my native town-Krasnogorsk. As the page limit is too short-only one sport activity I am going in for is mentioned. But a very actual one-because spring is coming and many people are looking forward to cycling (=
I will send the Moly to Jenny this Tuesday (Monday is a day-off this week due to the holiday).
Have a nice time.


Kathrin said...

Hey Olya, what a great page you created! I'm looking forward to see this in reality in a few months!
I keep the fingers crossed that you don't have to wait such a long time at the counter when you post the letter (as the last time when you tried to post a Moly in your lunch break) ;-)
Thank you, Olya!

greenfemale said...

Olya!!! You made fantastic job!!! I love it too! I can't wait to see it!!! (I Didn't receive your Moly et, maybe tomorrow?)

Anna Denise said...

Hooray! Awesome!!!

Ollif said...

Thank you dear ((=
I hope I won't have problems tomorrow at the post-office! (= I won't be able to stand for another hour and a half))))
Jenny, you will receive the Moly this week!!! Must receive))