Sunday, March 2, 2008

Olya's First Entry

Hi everyone!
I am finally back from my holidays and, as I promised, rushed to finish my first entry (=.

The main topic for my Moly is TRAVELLING that could include any countries/cities/just small places you have visited and was impressed by/ disappointed with. Put anything connected with travelling-travel tips, advice, tickets as proof of being to those places, stories, funny incidents, etc.
There are also 2 other themes:
1. Your fave artists or art styles that had influence on you.
2. Your obsessions with anything.

This very piece I dedicated to lovely Vienna which I visited last summer and fell in love (= By chance, one of the artists I fancy are from Vienna-Klimt and Hundertwasser. What's more-here is a slight hint to my obsession with houses ((=

Anyway-please, do fell free to create anything you would have inspiration for!

Note-do not forget to sign your piece backwards and write shortly what materials you used.
I will e-mail when the Moly is sent to Jenny (on Mon or Tue).

PS sorry for a bad pic quality-I was in a hurry ^_^


Marty Harris said...

It's a beautiful thing, Olya. I can hardly wait for your book to get to my doorstep.

I can work with the travel theme, even though I don't travel much. A oy can dream.

Good job!


Marty Harris said...

A BOY can dream, a BOY, not an oy.

Anna Denise said...

Nice! Lot's of freedom! I loooove traveling, so I have no problem with this theme!

Great watercolors (if I see it correctly) in your pages! Love the dark blue!

Kathrin said...

I love this, it's really great!
And you are so fast... just back from holidays you finished your first entry. Kudos!
Did you receive the letter with my moleskine? (Please, say yes!)

greenfemale said...

I love this too!!!!! I wasn't traveling for last 4 years because I am a student (don't have money...) Ok, I am starting ti think what i will do......

Ollif said...

Thank you, friends, for warm words!!! ((=
Marty-my Moly will knock you door at the end of spring, I hope.
Anna-there are different materials-but you are right-watercolours are for sure!
Kathrin!!! Your Moly is still on its way to me!! Oh Gosh! getting totally passionless, sleeping near the mail-box! ((=
Horray!!! Jenny, I sent my Moly to you today! Ha! You would love the package-it looks like an old parcel!((=

If you do not travel-just imagine that you are doing it! For example, I'm dreaming to visit Tokyo BUT for the future 100 years that seems to be impossible-but I can describe what I would have seen and done there if I had come ((=

greenfemale said...

great!!!! I am Waiting and dreaming (about a trip)!